Cuties !
Commission for plankboynsfw of his sexy cat girl Naomi!

When people draw me things

skyshale1: To all of you: what is your preference on the kind of video games you play?

We’ll I play all kinda :P
Kitty: never really had a preference tbh .3.
Pon: I don’t play much different kinds video games, but I do like animal crossing

Anonymous: For all of you: would you ever want to pull a prank on someone?

We’ll I mean, sometimes I want to but them I’d feel mean or I don’t even know who to prank xD
Kitty: I want to o3o I think their reactions would be hilarious!
Pon: but pranking people is kinda mean, don’t you think?

Anon Hour Starts Now!


Ask away :3

Anonymous: Do you like fairies? What about tinker bell? Ever think of making a fairy OC??

I do, but not too fond of tinker bell. Never really got into Disney xD
I’m actually making a fairy oc :3 she’ll probably be my persona :3

Anonymous: Just curious here, you said you where female to an artist I watch. Now my question would be why such large breasts on your characters? Just a little curious as to the why.

Oh! We’ll, usually my sonas for anything (pokesona,ponysona) I base of my fursona Kitty :3 making them have the same body type as her. For the rest of my characters, they don’t really have large breasts. My character pon has large hips with B/C cup breasts, Mina has C cup breasts, Kana has D cup, and my character Moo (redesigning her) Has about half the cup size of Kitty :3

Anon Hour Starts Now!

Ask away :3