sharylkim: Wow I'm far from perfect (o///o) I just felt guilty because I promised you a drawing and I kept drawing your other OC horribly and well I just felt like I needed to draw you something.

Awee ;v; you’re perf to me though !
And it’s really okay xD I’m her creator and I can’t even draw her. X.x she’s hard..
But either way thank you so much! ;w; ❤️❤️❤️


My art is gross and I’m not even sorry.

Oh my gosh she looks so pretty! ;v; ❤️❤️❤️❤️
xxemoghostkittensxx look at this kitten ;w; ❤️❤️❤️!
mystephrin: Why would you do that!?

I didn’t do it 0.0 my grandma did. I usually try and let them go outside

mystephrin: It totally wasn't me~ *Whistles*

I know it wasn’t you because it was killed ;v;

mystephrin: Rawr Im a spider!

There was actually a huge spider in my room last night ;^;



Found this little guy outside of a Mexican restaurant last night. His name is Queso

purrincesskitten ❤️ ;w;

Oh my god I’m screaming he’s so cute! >w

Finished my goo girl! 
I don’t have a name for her, but I was thinking Beri or Pafe. 
Ether way she’s finished ❤️

Morning reblog ! ❤️